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Re: Re: How to become root/root (0/0)

This is in response to Erik Soderquist's response. I happened to
delete the mail, so the citations may not look properly. Sorry for
the inconvenience.

> On Windows, UID 0 does not exist
yes, I am (and were) fully aware of that. But see below.

> trying to force UID 0 I would expect to result in less than guest
> privileges
obviously you are right. So I undid any changes concerning USER, UID
and HOME, deleted /etc/{passwd,group}, I restored the original
/etc/nsswitch.conf and removed relevant settings from shortcut

Now I've got root/None xxxxxx/xxxxxx and everything seems to work
properly. Obviously you kickd me in the right direction. Thanks a lot
for your prompt response.

But, though not really a "but", I now have $HOME=/root. This is what
I want, but how come? AFAIR, in the beginning it was /home/root,
which I don't like. Maybe I forgot to revert something. And, accor-
ding to ntsec.html the desire to have a non-/home/$USER would make
me one of your corner cases.

> did you configure and start the cygserver service?
No. And currently, with things working properly, I don't see a
reason to have one more service running.

And yes,
> the use of /etc/passwd in Cygwin has been deprecated
but, according to ntsec.html
   "Read /etc/passwd and /etc/group files if they exist, just
    as in the olden days, mainly for backward compatibility."
   "If no entry is found, or no passwd or group file was present,
    Cygwin will ask the OS."

So, shouldn't the method proposed here https://cygwin.com/ml/cygwin-apps/2003-11/msg00134.html , although from pre-nsswitch.conf times,
still work?

I think, I'll try again.

And the group "None". I found it mentioned in ntsec. Would it be
possible to create a group "root" in Windows which gives it's
members the same power as the group Administrators? And why "None"
and not "Administrators"?

Again, thanks for your quick reaction.


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