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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Test: Git v2.21.0-1

Hi all,

After far more delay than I'd have liked, version 2.21.0-1 of Git has
been uploaded and should be coming soon to a mirror near you. Because
a lot of the delays in producing this version have been down to
getting a stable and clean build, and that's the sort of thing that
has caused problems in the past, for now this release is available as
a test version only. If you're able, I'd be very grateful if you can
install it and check it works as expected.

If there are no identified problems, I intend to promote this to
stable in a couple of weeks.

This update includes the following packages:

- git
- git-cvs
- git-debuginfo
- git-email
- git-gui
- gitk
- git-p4
- git-svn

This is an update to the latest upstream release.

For a full list of the upstream changes in this release, please refer to
the upstream changelogs:




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