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uw-imap 2007f-3 fails

New version uw-imap 2007f-3, fails in the following way.

Set up as a SSL server on port 995, with certs located in \usr\ssl\certs\uw-ipop3d.pem.  Server running under xinetd, it starts and waits with open port OK.  Client initiates call, server receives the Client Hello packet, and then server terminates connection.  The server does not send any data packets, and the connection dies before any SSL link is established.

Did this f3 update destroy the SSL ability?

Server has openssl1.1.b1 package  (latest) installed OK.

Note:  version f2 runs perfect, for years like this on numerous servers.

Note2:  the the install packages are now missing the version f2 binaries - you can no longer go back a version.


Ross Hemingway

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