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Digital Estimates, Let's improve your bids and estimates!


If you are like most companies in the industry, you are getting overwhelmed at the bidding stage of projects. Maybe you are a subcontractor getting sent dozens of bid requests a week or the GC trying to convince subs to bid your project. We can step in on either side and help you get what you need with speed, accuracy, and affordability.

  *   We offer customized bidding with a full takeoff
  *   Estimate based on RSMeans or your own bidding history
  *   Bid documents with scope language and exclusions
  *   PDF markups for total transparency

We have recurring customers from the subcontractor just starting out to the fourth largest apartment builder in America. We have partnership firms for drafting, civil and structural engineering, general contracting, and more. I personally know the struggle of juggling the size of these projects and working between the field and office. It's inefficient. Let us help you get better at what you do.

Sean Krieger
2203 Tierwester St. Houston, TX 77004

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