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Pinentry-curses on cygwin environment

Dear all,
sorry if I put the message in wrong chan,
I try to compile the pinentry-curses package into Cyg environment (pinentry version 1.1.0)
I obtain the executable file and I use it into the mintty/bash.
I obtain a strange behaviour when I  decrypt a gpg file using curses version and I try to insert the passphrase.
A dialogue box is drawn on the terminal with all keys information correctly.
When I enter my passphrase anything I type on the terminal window is just echoed at the bottom of the screen,
I can't exit normally (i.e by pressing enter or escape).
The only way is by typing Ctrl-C.
The mintty-bash prompt, returns but the pinentry-curses process remain running for additional time.
What do you think about this problem?
I thank you in advance for your precious assistance and the oppotunity to write this email.
With my best regards

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