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Re: gforth package

On Fri, 26 Apr 2019 at 21:59, Joel Rees <> wrote:

> Is anyone aware of the reason Gforth is no longer in packages?

gforth 0.7.0-2 was packaged for cygwin 1.7 about 10 years ago. It was
part of the cygport extras mirror, which contained over 2,500
un-official and un-maintained packages. This mirror was retired
several years ago due to, I think, lack of interest in the packages,
and possibly the lack of an official maintainer.

To quote the setup.hint file:

category: Interpreters
requires: libffi4 libgcc1 libltdl7 libtool
sdesc: "GNU Forth language interpreter"
ldesc: "Gforth is a fast and portable implementation of the ANS Forth
language. It works nicely with the Emacs editor, offers some nice
features such as input completion and history, backtraces, a
decompiler and a powerful locals facility, and it even has a
manual. Gforth combines traditional implementation techniques with
newer techniques for portability and performance: its inner
interpreter is direct threaded with several optimizations, but you can
also use a traditional-style indirect threaded interpreter."

The package for gforth 0.7.0-2 for cygwin 1.7 can be rebuilt using the
git repository, and upgraded to the current version of cygwin (3.0.6),
current versions of the dependencies, and then possibly to the latest
Gforth version (0.7.3). I have also seen indications that it could be
compiled using Mingw for Windows.

> Is it just a matter of lack of maintainer?
Would you like to volunteer? Otherwise, an existing or new maintainer
might be interested. Or you could build it yourself for your own use.

Doug Henderson, Calgary, Alberta, Canada - from gmail.com

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