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using chown with SMB3 network share

I've read every web page I could find that was related to the subject,
but still coming up empty. None of the standard solutions of updating
/etc/passwd or /etc/group or removing same seem to work:

The environment:

Cygwin (patched less than 2 weeks behind current) running in a VM under
a domain admin account. It runs as a service that is used for archive
and restore of files. The network shares are Isilon exporting SMB2+.
There are some default ACLs in place.

* The user can create, modified, or delete any file put into the restore
directory. No problem.

* setfacl works to change permissions

* the creation/owner of the file looks ok. There's no 'unknown group'
message (typical question on StackExchange)

* chown and chmod fail with 'invalid argument'. It doesn't whether I do
it by a uid or a name, it fails with invalid argument

* icacls can be used to give full access to a file, but it's not the
same as changing ownership and changing permissions to match how they
were when they got archived..

* chown/chmod work fine on the local NTFS filesystem under the VM, just
not against the Isilon SMB share.

Thoughts on where to go from here?

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