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Re: Cygwin bash script removing equal sign

Am 25.04.2019 um 18:11 schrieb Peter Palaparthy:
> Cygwin bash script is removing equals sign from command call. 

On what basis did you conclude it was bash doing that, and not, say, make?

> *Here is the relevant command in my makefile.*

> *$(elabcmd) = $(XELAB_DEFAULT) \-generic VERSION=10*

I believe for that to be a syntactically valid line in a Makefile would
take some more Makefile code on top of it.  If you don't show the actual
file you use (or a suitably trimmed, yet self-contained abstract of it),
you're making it impossibly hard for people to help you.

> *compile:$(elabcmd)*

Same problem here.

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