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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] screen-4.6.2-3 (test)


On 16/4/19 11:40 pm, Andrew Schulman wrote:
screen-4.6.2-3 is now available as a test release in Cygwin. This release
includes a small change to the default /etc/screenrc, that has been
reported to fix a screen corruption problem that some users - okay, Shaddy
:) - have reported after detaching from screen[1,2].

Many thanks for this :-) Sorry I went silent in the subsequent
discussion. I became busy, then went travelling for a week. I'll test
this release. Report back.

Whilst I'm at it, I'm not sure if others were able to reproduce. But the
steps to reproduce for me were really quite simple. In mintty, hit enter
a few times to get the prompt off of the top (and create a bit of
terminal history for mintty to restore), just run a screen session
(simple 'screen' command line is sufficient). Hit enter at the new
session prompt a few times so that the cursor is a few lines down from
the top. Type exit (or ctrl-d to detach) and see the message:

[screen is terminating]

at the top, with the original mintty prompt flashing intermixed with the
restored terminal history.


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