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Re: Back history is broken for sqlite3 3.27.2-1

Op ma 22 apr. 2019 12:32 schreef 斟酌鵬兄:

> Hi,
> Not sure if I have to report it here. Otherwise please direct me to the
> correct place for filing reports.
> This version does not support the Up-Arrow key for previously entered
> commands.
> The last working version is 3.21.0-1

Yes, this is the correct place to report it. It was a build problem in the
cygwin64 version (cygwin32 should be OK).

Best workaround is to rollback the sqlite package (containing the shell),
but not libsqlite. Then you still have all 3.27.2 features available.

It will be corrected in 3.28.0, expected in 2 to 3 weeks (after my holiday).

      Jan Nijtmans


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