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Re: Copying of symbolic links not working as expected

On 21.04.2019 14:45, Matt D. wrote:
> I had the same problem while trying to tar and untar:
> tar: aosp/source/system/vold/.git/shallow: Cannot create symlink to 
> ‘../../../.repo/projects/system/vold.git/shallow’: No such file or directory

My current workaround for *this* particular problem is to catch the "Cannot
create symlink" message and attempt to re-run tar multiple times until the
message is no longer outputted or the script runs out of attempts. This works
OK, unless the symlink graph is maliciously gnarly.

I doubt that this will be fixed anytime soon, it's a property of the NTFS, and
you should have known what you were signing on for when you enabled
winsymlinks:nativestrict (i'm assuming that you did; otherwise you shouldn't
have been getting these errors).

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