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Re: DJGPP cross compiler crashes.

[A side note, first: this is a traditional mailing list, i.e. the policy
is snipping and bottom-replying...]

Am 19.04.2019 um 01:41 schrieb Carlo B.:

> I have no idea how you can run it without errors, please note that
> i586-pc-msdosdjgpp-gcc works fine until it does not link.

Please note that this quite probably means that it's not the compiler
package itself that's causing you grief, but rather djgpp-binutils.  Or
it could be the runtime base package.

So: did you run cygcheck -c on your djgpp packages?  Check if getting
them from a different cygwin mirror changes anything?

Have you tried adding options to the gcc command line to see what it's
actually doing in some more detail, like '-v' or '-Wl,-v'?

I checked on Win10 Home, originally just 64-bit.  I've had these
packages installed for years, and they haven't changed since, so there's
not really any good reason to assume they should suddenly be broken this
week.  And at least from what I'm looking at, they aren't.

Just for making extra sure, I just added DJGPP to the Cygwin-32
installation on the same machine, and again, it just worked without a hitch.

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