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Re: Are my emails being filtered out?

LRN writes:
> Subj. I've been sending emails to this list for a couple of weeks now, and no
> one replies. Do these messages come through at all?

Yes, they do just fine.

> I know for a fact that the messages do end up in the ML archives, so
> they reach at least *some* places.  In case this message is being read
> by anyone: i'm looking either for Yaakov Selkowitz, or for anyone who
> maintains the glib Cygwin package. Please help, i only have a few
> months.

The inofficial protocol for reaching out to a package maintainer is to
put "[Attn. Maintainer] <pkg>" in the subject of your mail.  Said
maintainer may be currently unavailable or busy with other stuff, so
please give her/him ample time to respond, i.e. at least two or three
weeks before following up.

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