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Re: pinentry-tty, gpg-agent, and no way to enter password

On 4/16/19 12:29 PM, David Dombrowsky wrote:
> From there I was able to cobble together a solution using a locally
> patched version of pinentry-curses.  Somewhere along the line, that
> stopped working.

I put debug prints in pinentry-tty, and it is opening the correct tty.
However, running the command to set the terminal into the right mode
will fail.  If I comment that out, something interesting happens:

356       c = fgetc (ttyfi);
357       switch (c)

This call to `fgetc`, while it points to a FILE handle opened to the
correct tty, will read NOTHING.  My session is on /dev/pty0, but a
subprocess that opens that terminal for reading neither fail, nor read

Any ideas?

David Dombrowsky, Software Engineer
davek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | 518-374-3204

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