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pinentry-tty, gpg-agent, and no way to enter password

Back in 2018, I mentioned that there was reliable way to enter a gpg
password on the cygwin console:

From there I was able to cobble together a solution using a locally
patched version of pinentry-curses.  Somewhere along the line, that
stopped working.

I am now back where I started.

Does anyone have a solution for the following:
1. ssh into a windows box running cygwin sshd
2. run `echo hello | gpg -sab`

This worked until recently.  Now I get:

gpg: using "01D5A625A30C0E6A" as default secret key for signing
gpg: signing failed: Invalid IPC response
gpg: signing failed: Invalid IPC response

checking the output of gpg-agent, I see:

gpg-agent[2261]: gpg-agent (GnuPG) 2.2.13-unknown started
gpg-agent[2261]: handler 0x200549e0 for fd 7 started
gpg-agent[2261]: starting a new PIN Entry
cbreak failure, exiting
gpg-agent[2261]: failed to unprotect the secret key: Operation cancelled

pinentry-w32 works, but it pops up a GUI window and thus requires an RDP
session.  Does anyone have a working solution that doesn't require
access to the windows console?

David Dombrowsky, Software Engineer
davek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | 518-374-3204

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