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Re: Setup.exe: solution to misbehaviour

On Apr 16 09:19, Houder wrote:
> L.S.,
> Setup.exe writes "user defaults" to /etc/setup/setup.rc in the root
> directory. Among these user defaults (which should override program
> defaults) are "last-action" and "last-cache".
> last-cache is an alias for the Local Package Directory (abbreviated
> to local directory), the directory where the tarballs (or packages)
> will be stored.
> When setup.exe starts, one has to choose between "Download to local
> directory", "Install fr. local directory" or "Download end Install".
> As a reminder, setup.exe will show you the "last-action", i.e. what
> action was chosen by you when you last invoked setup.exe.
> However "all of the above" is in vain, if setup.exe fails to select
> the correct root directory.
> Currently, setup.exe fails to honour the -R option, which one uses
> to specify a different location for the root directory.
> setup.exe also fails to look for /etc/setup/setup.rc in the current
> directory when setup.exe is started from the root directory.
> I have written about this misbehaviour of setup.exe here:
>     https://cygwin.com/ml/cygwin/2019-04/msg00032.html
>     ( Setup: why consult registry (rootdir) if -R has been specified? )
> Attached (I hope) to this post you will find a corrected version of
> the UserSettings::open_settings() method; it determines the location
> of the root directory as follows:

Thanks, but the form you chose is not that helpful to discuss a patch.
Just send a patch in `git format-patch' style to the cygwin-apps mailing
list.  Please keep the extensive commenting out of your code and rather
explain this in your commit message.


Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Maintainer

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