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Setup.exe: BUG.


While implementing a solution for the problem described here:

    ( Setup: why consult registry (rootdir) if -R has been specified? )

I discovered a bug in main.cc (setup.exe).

At startup, setup.exe writes the following report to the log file:

yyyy/mm/dd HH:MM:SS Starting cygwin install, version 2.900
yyyy/mm/dd HH:MM:SS User has backup/restore rights
yyyy/mm/dd HH:MM:SS Current Directory: <directory> <====

The last line above should read:

yyyy/mm/dd HH:MM:SS Local Directory: <directory>, a.k.a. Local Package Directory!

The call flow in main.cc is as follows:


The code in main.cc can be described as follows:

 - local_dir is assigned the current directory (the directory from which
   setup.exe is started)
 - however, at the beginning of main_display the constructor of class
LocalDirSetting is executed (as result of the declaration of localDir)
- the constructor of class LocalDirSetting may assign a different value to
   local_dir ... (different from the current directory)
   (it is here where I discovered another bug in setup.exe)
- the constructor first checks whether or not option -l has been specified
  - using option -l one can specify the local directory a.k.a the Local
    Package Directory, as an argument to setup.exe
 - if option -l has not been specified, the constructor checks if
the execution of constructor UserSettings (as result of the declaration
   of Settings (WinMain) ) has produced a value for "last-cache"
 - "last-cache" (one of the user settings from a previous invocation of
    setup.exe is retrieved from /etc/setup/setup.rc
- "last cache" is another alias for the local directory a.k.a. the Local
     Package Directory
 - CURRENTLY, setup.exe attempts to locate /etc/setup/setup.rc only in
   the root directory as specified by the registry ("rootdir")

Currently? Yes, currently, setup.exe does not attempt to locate the file
in the directory as specified by the -R option (first choice), or in the
current directory (second choice - which would make sense if setup.exe is
started in the root directory).

The upshot of the above is, that the report that is written to the logfile
is wrong if a different value is assigned to local_dir in main_display.

[ and yes, people do create shortcuts to the setup executable and specify
  arguments to the setup program over there. Believe it or not.}

Logging of the current directory should occur in WinMain (see below).


The code in main.cc as far as it concerns the text above.

static inline void
main_display ()
  /* nondisplay classes */
  LocalDirSetting localDir; <====
  SourceSetting SourceSettings;
// Henri: WRONG! It is the Local Directory a.k.a. the Local Package Directory
  Log (LOG_TIMESTAMP) << "Current Directory: " << local_dir << endLog;

         HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, LPSTR command_line, int cmd_show)
  try {
    char cwd[MAX_PATH];
    GetCurrentDirectory (MAX_PATH, cwd);
    local_dir = std::string (cwd);
    if (!elevate && !output_only)
      ... setup logging ...
// Henri: now you would be right!
Log (LOG_TIMESTAMP) << "WinMain: Current Directory: " << local_dir << endLog;

    if (elevate)
      ... run setup.exe in elevated mode ...
        UserSettings Settings (local_dir); <====
        main_display ();
        Settings.save ();
  ... handle exceptions ...


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