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Re: Sophos Antivirus

Eliot Moss writes:
> At present, Sophos is enterprise managed on my computer, which means
> I can't even personally install the hotfix, but I might convince my
> organization to help me do it, etc.  Just gathered information while
> I await their response ...

No experience with Sophos, but certain heuristics in virus scanners
apparently are only applied when the file in question has not yet been
scanned.  So it is sometimes helpful to run an explicit scan of the
install dir.

With other antivirus solutions only explicit whitelisting or exclusion
of the installation directory actually helped.  The exclusion usually
only needs to target the "real-time" and heuristic engines of the
antivirus package, which might make it more acceptable for corporate IT
security.  It is also helpful to ask them to escalate to the vendor
support, since usually the vendors know about how their products
interact with Cygwin and have a solution ready for when the customer

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