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Sophos Antivirus

Dear Cygwin-ers --

My organization recently switched from using McAfee anti-virus to
Sophos.  While I have often had Cygwin fork issues after Windows
updates and after installing new / updated Cygwin programs, doing
a full rebase and a reboot or two usually settles things down.
But since I installed Sophos, not so much.

Anyone out there have particular experience with Cygwin + Sophos?
I've found a little bit of info on web, and apparently there's a
Sophos hotfix that has something in it because of Cygwin complaints,
but did it help?

At present, Sophos is enterprise managed on my computer, which means
I can't even personally install the hotfix, but I might convince my
organization to help me do it, etc.  Just gathered information while
I await their response ...

Regards - Eliot

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