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Re: base-files revisited

On Mon, 8 Apr 2019 at 08:05, Brian Inglis wrote:

> On 2019-04-06 08:08, John Morrison wrote:
> > I've been asked at work to get the standard base-files extended with
> > specifics for the company I work for and wondered if this would be a good
> > time to revisit how the .bashrc file in particular is put together.
> You might want to consider using standard /etc/profile.d/ scripts named
> for, and
> conditional on, your company domain, Cygwin, shell, and components,
> depending on
> how you want to do things, possibly installed from
> /etc/defaults/etc/profile.d/.
> Or you could put a <domain>.sh driver script in /etc/profile.d/, and source
> scripts from /usr/local/{bin,lib,share}/<domain>/.
> You could use the Xwin directories ~/.local/ and ~/.config/ if you want
> user
> specific customization, perhaps setup in /etc/defaults/etc/skel and
> installed by
> a custom postinstall script base-files-<domain>.sh.
> Or some combo of those and other standard approaches to local
> customization,
> like .${OSTYPE}_profile, .${OSTYPE}rc, .${HOSTNAME}_profile,
> .${HOSTNAME}rc, etc.
> Have a look at the various systems and shells and their initialization and
> customization approaches, and adapt some existing infrastructure, rather
> than
> stuffing something unique somewhere unexpected.

I'm sure these would work or could be made to, but this is intended to be a
starting point for users to modify (with company placeholders), not
globally enforced, but thanks!

I've got a base-files-<company> package, but wanted to extend the .rc files
installed by base-files. Achim has proffered some ideas along that front
(see other mail).

I wasn't trying for something unique, just trying to get things a little
easier to customise :)

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