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base-files revisited


I've been asked at work to get the standard base-files extended with
specifics for the company I work for and wondered if this would be a good
time to revisit how the .bashrc file in particular is put together.

What I was considering would be introducing a ~/.bashrc.d/ folder and
splitting the existing ~/.bashrc file into its component parts;

* alias.bashrc
* completion.bashrc
* functions.bashrc
* history.bashrc
* shell.bashrc
* umask.bashrc

and changing .bashrc to source all the *.bashrc files.

This would allow easier extension of the bashrc with, in my case, company
specific options (proxies, common aliases etc).

I was also thinking of taking some more of the sample from
https://www.tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/sample-bashrc.html, for example the
colours and some more of the aliases and adding them into the existing sets.


I think Achim Gratz took over the base-files from me. Achim, are you still
around? Open for a discussion?

Kind regards


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