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Re: Unattended installation with locally downloaded packages

Laszlo.Varga@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> Where -q should be the Silent Installation. But no matter what, we
> allways get the GUI installation.

Of course, setup.exe is a GUI program.

> The other Problem is that we have a lot of Packages and we want to use
> a Command Parameter that allows us to Install all downloaded packages
> from the "Packages" directory, but we cannot do this, only when
> applying the -p parameter and list up all the downloaded packages.

I think you can still use (pseudo-)category "All" if you really want to
install all packages in the local repository (-C All).  It would be
better to rewrite the setup.ini and give the packages you want to
install your own category (or multiple ones to support different types
of installs).

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