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sshd_config request: hostname token

It seems it would be useful to have a hostname token for use in the
sshd_config file.

Example usage (supposing %H expands to the hostname):

AllowGroups "%H+SSH Users"

This would permit access on the local computer (no matter its name) if the
account is a member of the SSH Users group (if it's a domain member).

This would allow users to change the name of the computer without needing
to edit the sshd_config file (if the computer is a domain member). If the
computer is removed from the domain, you still have to remove the %H+

[Aside: This is one of the reasons I find Cygwin's account matching
algorithm to be "backwards," for lack of a better term. IMO local account
names should resolve before domain account names if the computer is a
domain member. If local accounts matched first, all you would need is
AllowGroups "SSH Users" and be done with it. But I realize this is a big

Are there risks with adding a hostname token that I'm not seeing?



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