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Re: cygpath -u converts quoted UNC paths to local

On 2019-04-03 12:20 pm, Andrey Repin wrote:
Greetings, All!

This can be considered "working by design", but it really imposes some serious restrictions on interoperability with Cygwin, that I think can be avoided.


After some further testing, this seems to be affecting IP-based UNC paths

The essence is this:

$ dir "\\\wwwroot\ccenter\bin\online.sh"
26.10.2018  18:16               431 online.sh

$ cygpath -u \\\wwwroot\ccenter\bin\online.sh

$ cygpath -u "\\\wwwroot\ccenter\bin\online.sh"

$ cygpath -u \\HOSTING64.DARKDRAGON.LAN\wwwroot\ccenter\bin\online.sh

$ cygpath -u "\\HOSTING64.DARKDRAGON.LAN\wwwroot\ccenter\bin\online.sh"


Using echo is a good way of checking just what the shell is handing to your program. But I totally agree that this is a major interoperability annoyance.

I'm using Bash 4.4.12(3):

$ echo \\\wwwroot\ccenter\bin\online.sh

$ echo "\\\wwwroot\ccenter\bin\online.sh"

$ echo '\\\wwwroot\ccenter\bin\online.sh'

$ echo \\foo\wwwroot\ccenter\bin\online.sh

$ echo "\\foo\wwwroot\ccenter\bin\online.sh"

$ echo '\\foo\wwwroot\ccenter\bin\online.sh'

read -r is an alternate way of getting text into a command line that might otherwise turn into quoting hell.

$ read -r; cygpath -u $REPLY

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