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Re: Can't create symbolic links in child directories

On Mar 31 19:24, Matt D. wrote:
> This works:
> > touch a
> > ln -s a b
> This no longer works:
> > touch a
> > mkdir b
> > ln -s a b/c
> Error:
> ln: failed to create symbolic link 'b/c': No such file or directory
> My CYGWIN environment is also configured using "winsymlinks:nativestrict".

I'm pretty sure this never worked.  Consider what "nativestrict" means.
The target has to exist to allow the native symlink being created
type-correct.  In your example the target doesn't exist:

  ln -s a b/c

means, c points to a.  So a is expected in the same directory as c.
So looking from the point of the current directory the symlink
b/c is supposed to point to the file b/a.  Which doesn't exist.
Which lets symlinking with nativestrict fail.  "winsymlinks:native"
will work, albeit creating a Cygwin symlink then.


Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Maintainer

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