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[ANNOUNCEMENT] bind 9.11.6-1

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* bind-9.11.6-1
* bind-utils-9.11.6-1
* bind-doc-9.11.6-1
* libbind9_161-9.11.6-1
* libdns1105-9.11.6-1
* libirs161-9.11.6-1
* libisc1100-9.11.6-1
* libisccc161-9.11.6-1
* libisccfg163-9.11.6-1
* liblwres161-9.11.6-1
* libbind9-devel-9.11.6-1
* python27-isc-9.11.6-1
* python36-isc-9.11.6-1
* python37-isc-9.11.6-1

BIND is an implementation of the Domain Name System (DNS) protocols. 
The DNS protocols are part of the core Internet standards. They specify
the process by which one computer can find another computer on the
basis of its name. The BIND software distribution contains all of the
software needed both to ask name service questions and to answer such

This is an update to the latest 9.11 stable release.  The runtime 
dependency on the nonexistent OpenSSL GOST engine has been dropped.


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