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Re: Misleading timestamps on setup-x86_64.exe

Jim Fehrle wrote:
I downloaded two copies of setup-x86_64.exe, one a year or more
ago (v2.882) and one today (v2.895).  Both of them have timestamps in my
filesystem of 11/27/2017, which I expect is being copied from the server I
downloaded from.

It would be helpful if these timestamps reflected when those versions were
created by Cygwin.  It would give you an idea how old or new your version

Here are mine:
/c/staging ls -l Cygwin??/setup*.exe
-rwxrwxr-x+ 1 Mark None 1171475 Dec 20 01:18 Cygwin32/setup-x86.exe*
-rwxrwxr-x+ 1 Mark None 1224211 Dec 20 01:17 Cygwin64/setup-x86_64.exe*

Check the size of your v2.895 against the last line above. If it's different, you may not have the recent version you think. I don't want to speculate why.

How did you download?  Is there a proxy cache in the way?


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