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Re: Privilege(s) needed to run top command

On Mar 12 02:41, jwang wrote:
> It used to work.
> <http://cygwin.1069669.n5.nabble.com/file/t11507/cygwin_top_issue.png> 
> As can be seen from above screenshot, CPU load is 0! (when login as an
> Administrator , it shows about 1)
> ps -e (or ps -W) no longer shows processes such as cron and sshd et al owned
> by SYSTEM 

Try the latest snapshot from https://cygwin.com/snapshots/

It re-enables ps output and improves procps and top output.  Note
that not all information in /proc is available since that requires
permissions normal users don't have on foreign processes.


Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Maintainer

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