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Request for rebuiding Wxwidget 3.0 without the assertions

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> From: Achim Gratz 
> To: cygwin
> Cc: 
> Date: 2019/3/6, Wed 04:18
> Subject: Re: Request for rebuiding Wxwidget 3.0 to avoid ABI mismatch warning
>T atsuro MATSUOKA writes:
>>  WxWidget on Cygwin may be built by old compiler.
>>  This caused ABI mismatch warining on gnuplot for Cygwin
>>  in plotting on wxt terminal.
> That you get a warning rather than an error means that wxWidgets is
> already built with the corresponding option.  If you want to get rid of
> that warning also, then upstream has to remove the (IMHO useless)
> version-check altogether.  A rebuild removes it, but only temporarily.
> Regards,
> Achim.

Thanks Achim.

You are right.

I change the request.


Please rebuild wxwidgtes 3.0 without assertions.


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