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Re: Request to support wxt terminal ( Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gnuplot-5.2.6-1)

On 2019-03-04, Thomas Wolff wrote:

> It is quite straight-forward to run gnuplot without X11 as mintty
> will display its output inline:
> export GNUTERM=sixel
> gnuplot -e "splot [x=-3:3] [y=-3:3] sin(x) * cos(y)"

That's really nice!  I didn't know terminals could do that.

I notice that when I execute those commands on Linux in an xterm
(version 344) built with support for sixel graphics, the plot is
displayed in color on a white background.  When I execute those same
commands in mintty 2.9.6, however, the plot is displayed on the
default black background and only the surface (in purple) is
visible.  To see the rest of the plot, still on a black background,
I executed

    gnuplot -e "set term sixel monochrome" -e "splot [x=-3:3] [y=-3:3] sin(x) * cos(y)"

Is this a bug in mintty that it doesn't use a white background for
the plot?


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