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Re: cygwin snapshots after 23, Feb. ocasionally destroys windows logon session

Takashi Yano writes:
> I encountered a problem with cygwin snapshots after 23, Feb.
> If I login to cygwin via ssh and logout from ssh session,
> explorer sometimes gets into erroneous state. Most of
> operations cannot be done on explorer.

Yup, I've had this happen, too (20190303 snapshot).

Btw, if this happens to you in an RDP session on a machine in some rack
somewhere… do not lock the screen (either actively or through timer
expiration.  You will need a second account that can kill the first
session to recover.  INstead, you need to sign out at the first signs of
this occuring.

> The following modification seems to cause this problem.
> But I am not sure what is wrong with this code.

This makes me wonder what Windows does when you log out of your desktop

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