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Re: Cygwin-3 and the Bleeding Edge

On Mon, 04 Mar 2019 06:05:52, "KARL BOTTS" wrote:
But now and then I need to upgrade a specific package outside of my full
cygwin update cycle.  E.g., right now I would like to upgrade just git.

So:  Assume for the moment that the latest git package release on the mirrors,
has been built against cygwin-3 base.  Am I reasonably safe to assume it will
still work with cygwin-2.11.2?  Does this generalize to all, or at least most,
other packages?

that is not the best example as the current Cygwin Git is version
2.17.0 (Apr 2018) and 4 minor versions have dropped since then:

- 2.18.0
- 2.19.0
- 2.20.0
- 2.21.0

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