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Re: Setup 2.895, don't install everything, striking a balance

> Hello,
> Select "Category", you obtain a single line with "All". Unfold "All". Select "Install" on the line of "All", and "Default" on the line of "Debug".
> That’s it. "Source" is not selected by default. Some (but very few) debuginfo still get installed.

Thanks Denis, with your instructions I was able to successfully get
the exact packages that I wanted.

https://cygwin.com/install.html seems to infer that source truly is
included when installing everything:

<<<<< A: You do not want to do this! This will install an enormous
number of packages that you will never use, including debuginfo
*****and source***** for every package.>>>>>

Perhaps a button could be added on the setup window for those who want
to install all binaries and associated configs but without every
debuginfo file, or at least a two or three line help window with an OK

I initially tried the "default install," but python and other packages
were missing, so, to save time I installed everything.

I've become accustomed to make regular use of a wide range of packages.

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