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Re: vim 64 conflict with windows slash and swapfile

On 2019-02-25 15:10, Kit Taylor wrote:
> Thanks for the response. My curiosity about it was that 32-bit vim works 
> fine, only 64-bit vim shows the problem (both same version, of course).
> Even stranger, it doesn't happen every time.
> My guess is there is an embedded path internally, which uses a separator, and
> the 32-bit one either does not include that path, or handles it differently.
> As I say, I can live with it. Was just hoping for an easy config fix.
> I'm familiar with the path separators - been fighting that since the late
> 80s.  My bad for using Cygwin apps from the Windows command line, but there
> are compatibility issues otherwise...

I also like to be able to run Cygwin, Debian, Ubuntu apps from cmd or mintty
command lines, or in mintty windows, and use {g}vim on local or remote systems,
so I have common dotfiles, dotdirs, and configs, and create ~/.vim/{cache/,...}
under all home directories, and add to ~/.vim/vimrc:

	" prepend ~/.vim to override rtp ~/vimfiles
	set runtimepath^=~/.vim
	set viminfo+=n~/.vim/viminfo
	set backupdir=~/.vim/cache,~/.cache/vim,/var/tmp,/usr/tmp,/tmp
	set directory=~/.vim/cache,~/.cache/vim,/var/tmp,/usr/tmp,/tmp
	set undodir=~/.vim/cache,~/.cache/vim,/var/tmp,/usr/tmp,/tmp

as vim handles ~, dotdirs, and / separators as expected, even under Windows.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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