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Re: Cygwin 3.0.1-1 Breaks ALL cygwin applications on Windows 7 x64

On Tue, 26 Feb 2019 18:55:56, "Jerry Baker via cygwin" wrote:
Not really. I don't work for free, especially for hostile people with over inflated egos and crippling social disorders.


The onus is on whoever is interested in having cygwin work in this particular configuration. Clearly not you. Since it works with 2.11, I'm not particularly interested in expending a lot of work figuring out what got botched in 3.0 or who did it. Wasn't me, so not my problem.

It was my mistake to assume that the cygwin community was interested in interoperability. I should have done more research before making that unwarranted assumption.

it very much is your problem, as im using Windows 7 x64 just fine with Cygwin.
and its your problem else you wouldnt have come here posting. you can start
threads with clickbait titles as youve done, buts its a disservice to the
community when you dont have a reproducible problem. thats why this page has
existed for 5 years:


the "V" is Verifiable. and until your example is Verifiable then you shouldnt be
surprised if the "problem" goes unsolved.

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