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Re: Cygwin 3.0.1-1 Breaks ALL cygwin applications on Windows 7 x64

On 2/26/2019 2:10 PM, Jerry Baker wrote:
Thanks for the tips. I made a completely fresh install in a new
directory and attempted all three suggestions. Here are the results:

1. That command gets part way through and then hangs with the blinking
cursor after listing the directories in the path variable.

2. bat file or desktop shortcut hangs with a black window and blinking

3. Set variable and run Cygwin.bat. Black window with blinking cursor.

Literally every single way you can call a cygwin executable just hangs
with a blinking cursor.

I was also inspired to try unsetting the path variable altogether to rule out some rogue application or DLL somewhere else on my system. I did that and then tried to run 'bash.' No improvement. I tried 'grep' and 'base64' as well. All hang with blinking cursor.

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