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Re: can't access remote shares when using ssh with rsa key - passwd -R / set(e)uid / LogonUser is not working as expected

Greetings, Maayan Apelboim!

> Hi,

> I hope I'm mailing the proper mailing list..
> I am using password-less ssh login using RSA key to login windows servers from linux.
> I've read this article about network shares problems when using RSA key
> instead password and decided method 2 is most suitable for my case:
> https://cygwin.com/cygwin-ug-net/ntsec.html#ntsec-setuid-overview

> So I ran passwd -R for the relevant user, but still getting 'permission
> denied' when trying to access network shares.
> Tried restarting the ssh service and rebooting the server but it didn't help.

> I checked the registry as SYSTEM and I can see my user UID set in the right
> location.. (at least I think so, cause it doesn't exists in other servers).
> So it seems to me like the 'set(e)uid' / 'LogonUser' described in the article doesn't work as expected.

> Would appreciate any suggestions.

Please try changing the cygsshd service configuration to run as "SYSTEM" user.

> * Some sensitive data was edited in the cygcheck.out file
> * I don't have cygserver installed as a service - I used administrator user
> and didn't get any errors when running passwd -R

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Tuesday, February 26, 2019 17:58:28

Sorry for my terrible english...

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