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Re: Question about D-Bus and cygrunsrv

On 2/22/2019 2:16 PM, René Berber wrote:
> My guess is that its a permission problem: D-Bus by default on Windows
> uses unix sockets (fills up your temp directory with those pesky files :
> - -)
> In Cygwin the temp directory has the sticky permission (t), but the
> socket file created by the server most likely doesn't have access for
> anybody else.
    I'm not sure, but I'd think dbus demon would be enabled to
talk to the system socket
> Check those permissions to maybe get a clue.
> The problem comes from upstream, I'm just not sure because I used to
> build my own, patched, version of DBUS (for a workaround which is to
> use tcp, not unix sockets... but the Windows maintainer says "nobody
> uses tcp sockets on Windows", and then they "improved" security which
> is why I suspect access permissions).
    Yeah, they are more than a little bit security paranoid.

I'd like to get the dbus sessions between my desktop & server to talk --
like when I am running an X-app, and press help, it really would be
better if it brought up the browser on my desktop instead of one
on the server via X.

I had hopes as one of their examples specifies tcp in the protocol
field, but supposedly the tcp doesn't work and likely won't due to
security concerns -- mainly because the bus architecture was structured
around the idea of an internal HW bus -- where normally there isn't
much in the way of security.  If they allowed it to be open to
a network, then they think everyone on the internet will have access
and that dbus will be blaimed for a security problem.

I did mention that some people use closed nets between machines
and should be allowed to use dbus to talk between them where desirable,
but he thinks that most hand-held users wouldn't know how to isolate
a net.  On top of that, dbus doesn't have the ability to categorize
if the net is public, private(home) or enterprise(work).  Seemed
like a pain to get working for what would be a plus for me, but
not sure about demand, not to mention working with such paranoid
folk really can be frustrating.

There's a dbus list where they talk about development and security
issues @


best of luck!

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