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Re: bash window start recurses

On Mon, 25 Feb 2019 at 16:31, slibbits via cygwin <> wrote:
> Win 7-64
> I just installed cygwin on a laptop.When i start a bash shell cygwin
> seems to do a recursive start of bash shells. I've gotten as many as 400
> shells started with a single start.
> I don't know how to debug this or find out what I did wrong. I currently
> have cygwin installed on two other systems (Win 10-64 and a Win 7-64)
> and have been using cygwin since about 1995 without error. I'm stumped.

Do you have another bash on your path, such as one from MinGW or Git
for Windows (G4W) or Windows Subsystem for Linix (WSL)?

Are you starting cygwin via the MinTTY icon on your desk top, or
through the cygwin.bat file in the root of your cygwin intsall, by
default in C:\Cygwin\ or C:\Cygwin64? Did you install cygwin32 or
cygwin64? Try starting using the other method.

Try running cygwin setup again, but do not add any new packages (or
just a small one) and click on through until it completes (shows the
Finish button).

Doug Henderson, Calgary, Alberta, Canada - from gmail.com

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