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Re: Setup 2.895, don't install everything, striking a balance

ALL, Sorry for the premature send.


Thank you for all the work you do on Cygwin and especially the
setup.exe program.

I saw this warning:
        Q: How do I install everything?
        A: You do not want to do this! This will install an enormous
number of packages that you will never use, including debuginfo and
source for every package.

I downloaded the x64 setup.exe and requested a complete install over
the weekend.  As stated in the warning above, the download and the
(attempted) install consumed all of a 128Gb disk which also had
Windows 10 on it.

Is there a way to request a complete install of everything EXCEPT
debuginfo and source?  If not, it is going to be difficult to obtain a
full Cygwin install along with a successful installation.



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