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Re: Re: Where to find a reliable provider of CygwinX?

--- jsm
> I want to terminate this discussion, originating from my concern for 
> consistency among distribution providers.
> Originally I reported on a successful installation of basic Cygwin, i.e. 
> without X, followed by a failing attempt to install X.  Of course I have 
> been aware all the way that X did not come with the basic installation, 
> and I have no idea of how to install X on top of it without using 
> setup.exe by Cygwin.  Still I am asked to specify how I obtained the 
> packages for X, because they are not part of the basic installation.
> I see no reason to spend more time on this, the experience of which is 
> like being part of an absurd comedy, to say it mildly.  I feel confident 
> that I can overcome the technical issues if I use the time on them instead.
> End of discuss

I cannot understand why you do not want to use setup.exe to install Cygwin-X.

However, it is not necessary to use Cygwin-X as xserver for Cygwin.
I myself use VcXsrv as xserver for Cygwin and WSL(windows subsystem for linux),


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