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Re: Question about D-Bus and cygrunsrv

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On 2/22/2019 3:55 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

>>> On 20 Feb 2019, at 21:50, Mike Brady <mikebrady@xxxxxxxxxx> 
>>> wrote:
>>> Hi there. I'm trying to set up Shairport Sync as a CYGWIN 
>>> service, and I'm trying to use cygrunsrv.
>>> Briefly, I can get everything to work properly except the
>>> D-Bus interface -- when shairport-sync is installed as a
>>> service, it can't "own" a well-known name on the "system"
>>> D-Bus.
>>> I built a configuration and installer for shairport sync 
>>> essentially by copying the avahi-daemon-config file.
>>> The Avahi deamon uses the system D-Bus successfully under the 
>>> username "SYSTEM" and without (AFAICS) changing IDs. But for 
>>> the life of me, I can't get Shairport Sync to work the same 
>>> way.
>>> Incidentally, if I change the D Bus policy file for Shairport 
>>> Sync to be allowed to own its well-known name on D Bus when 
>>> running under the logged in account, everything is peachy.
> You have been heard, but I have not the faintest clue what d-bus 
> or, FWIW, avahi are doing.  Ideally, if you could break down the 
> problem to a simple, self-contained testcase which shows what 
> exactly is not working on a plain libc level, help may be possible 
> :}

My guess is that its a permission problem: D-Bus by default on Windows
uses unix sockets (fills up your temp directory with those pesky files :
- -)

In Cygwin the temp directory has the sticky permission (t), but the
socket file created by the server most likely doesn't have access for
anybody else.

Check those permissions to maybe get a clue.

The problem comes from upstream, I'm just not sure because I used to
build my own, patched, version of DBUS (for a workaround which is to
use tcp, not unix sockets... but the Windows maintainer says "nobody
uses tcp sockets on Windows", and then they "improved" security which
is why I suspect access permissions).
- -- 


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