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Re: cygwin 3.0.1-1 breaks my sshd install

On Wed, 20 Feb 2019 21:25:36, Corinna Vinschen  wrote:

> Sorry guys, but I can't reproduce this problem at all.  I tested ssh
> login on Vista, W7 and W10 1809, in each case on 64 bit and under
> WOW64.  On all systems I can login with domain as well as local
> accounts.


> For completeness sake I started sshd under SYSTEM as wel as under
> cyg_server account and every time it just worked.

Mine runs under cyg_server

> The only reason for failing logins coming to mind is the case of
> the usernames.  It must be written *exactly* as returned by
> `getent passwd'.  I.e.:
>   $ getent passwd | grep -i foo
>   MACHINE+Foo:*:197608:197121:U-MACHINE\Foo,[...]

Understood. And not the problem at my side. Also I am using local

Failure starts w/ cygwin1-20190126 ... 0124 works ...

Your commits on 0126:

2019-01-26      Corinna Vinschen        Cygwin: seteuid: use Kerberos/MsV1_0 S4U authentication...
2019-01-26      Corinna Vinschen        Cygwin: uname: Raise size of utsname fields and revamp...
2019-01-26      Corinna Vinschen        Cygwin: netdb.h: fix __GNU_VISIBLE tests
2019-01-26      Corinna Vinschen        Cygwin: create_token: Return NULL, not INVALID_HANDLE_...
2019-01-26      Corinna Vinschen        Cygwin: syscalls.cc: fix formatting
2019-01-26      Corinna Vinschen        Cygwin: lsaauth: Drop outdated test for loading Secur32.dll

Last commit:

Cygwin: seteuid: use Kerberos/MsV1_0 S4U authentication by default

- This simple and official method replaces cyglsa and "create token"
  methods.  No network share access, same as before.

- lsaauth and create_token are disabled now.  If problems crop up,
  they can be easily reactivated.  If no problems crop up, they
  can be removed in a while, together with the lsaauth subdir.

- Bump Cygwin version to 3.0.


Perhaps I missed something in the last couple of month. Did I have to change
something in the setup of openssh?


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