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Re: cygwin 3.0.1-1 breaks my sshd install

i can confirm the same behaviours on a 3.0.0 system. i've done several checks and have been unable to find the source of the problem. ssh -vvv shows that the connection proceeds all the way through the connection process, sends the appropriate key tokens, then the server abruptly closes the connection. all accounts on the system show the same results.

my 2.11.1 system, with identical ssh[d]_config files has no such problems.

on both systems, all relevant files and directories have correct owners and permissions.

s. cowlewm
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On Wed, 20 Feb 2019, James R. Phillips via cygwin wrote:

Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2019 10:16:44
From: James R. Phillips via cygwin <cygwin@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: cygwin 3.0.1-1 breaks my sshd install


My sshd install stops working when upgrading from cygwin 2.11.2-1 to 3.0.1-1.

After upgrading and restarting sshd, an attempted connection is always closed, even coming from localhost.

I have verified that I can get a server response with "$ telnet localhost 22", so I'm quite sure this is not a firewall issue.

I have not been able to locate any relevant information in /var/log. I see no diagnostic information in the files there.

After downgrading back to 2.11.2-1, connection functionality returns to normal.

Note: cygcheck.out created _after_ downgrade.

James R. Phillips

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