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Re: ssh confused about home directory?

Greetings, Boylan, Ross!

> I recently installed cygwin on Win 10, both 64 bit.
> When I run ssh in a cygwin shell it complains
>              Could not create directory '/home/rdboylan/.ssh'.
> The /home directory is empty--that is, it has no rdboylan subdirectory.
> My home directory appears to be /cygdrive/c/Users/rdboylan; that is the
> value of $HOME

This is the answer.
You rely on your shell being smart enough to pick environment variable as
operational directive, but SSH knows nothing about it and fails.

> and where I end up when I do cd.
> As far as I can tell from the docs, having c:/Users/rdboylan as home is
> fine, but ssh doesn't seem to be respecting it.

> /etc/nsswitch.conf has no uncommented lines and /etc/passwd does not exist

Which explains the failure.

> (both being ways to define the home directory on cygwin according to the internet).

> In a Windows Command Prompt %HOME% is C:\Users\rdboylan

> What's the most appropriate way to fix this problem?

Configure Cygwin's NSS to your heart's content.

Speaking of which, if you move $HOME outside Cygwin root, I would strongly
suggest spending some time in fstab, setting up cygdrive to noacl mode.
none /cygdrive cygdrive noacl,binary,nouser,posix=0 0 0

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Tuesday, February 19, 2019 23:04:19

Sorry for my terrible english...

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