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Re: antrun versus wsl versus cygwin

On Mon, 18 Feb 2019 13:15:02, Franz Fehringer  wrote:

> Am 18.02.2019 um 11:42 schrieb Houder:

> > Now show us the output of an antrun script, where the executable
> > is C:\Tools\Cygwin\bin\which and its argument: bash
> <exec executable="C:\Tools\Cygwin\bin\which" failonerror="true">
>   <arg line="bash" />
> </exec>
> <exec executable="bash" failonerror="true">
>   <arg line="-c src/main/resources/build" />
> </exec>
> gives
> [exec] /usr/bin/bash
> [exec] W i n d o w s   S u b s y s t e m   f o r   L i n u x   h a s   n
> o   i n s t a l l e d   d i s t r i b u ti o n s .
> [exec]    D i s t r i b u t i o n s   c a n   b e   i n s t a l l e d
> b y   v i s i t i n g   t h e   M i c r o s o f t   S t o r e :
> [exec]    h t t p s : / / a k a . m s / w s l s t o r e
> It is as if C:\Windows\System32 were hardcoded somewhere
> The ant exec documentation says
> "The <exec> task delegates to Runtime.exec which in turn apparently
> calls ::CreateProcess. It is the latter Win32 function that defines the
> exact semantics of the call. "

Erm, thinking this over ... you may be on the right track ...

After invoking the Windows executable (JVM or whatever) from Cygwin, "bash"
is started using CreateProcess()


Before it searches PATH, CreateProcess checks "the 32-bit Windows system
directory" for the presence of "bash.exe".

And we know that bash.exe from WSL is present in C:\Windows\System32. That
does explain why the output of bash from WSL is shown, does it not?
(reporting that a distribution is still to be installed).

The above also explains why renaming bash from WSL to "wslbash.exe" forces
CreateProcess() to search for the presence of bash.exe down the PATH.


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