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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Python 2.7.15 / 3.5.6 / 3.6.8 / 3.7.2

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* python2-2.7.15-1
* python2-devel-2.7.15-1
* python3-3.6.8-1
* python3-

* python27-2.7.15-1
* python27-devel-2.7.15-1
* python27-pip-19.0.2-1
* python27-setuptools-40.7.3-1
* python27-test-2.7.15-1
* python27-tkinter-2.7.15-1
* python27-virtualenv-16.4.0-1
* python27-wheel-0.32.3-1
* idle27-2.7.15-1

* python35-3.5.6-1
* python35-devel-3.5.6-1
* python35-doc-3.5.6-1
* python35-pip-19.0.2-1
* python35-setuptools-40.7.3-1
* python35-test-3.5.6-1
* python35-tkinter-3.5.6-1
* python35-virtualenv-16.4.0-1
* python35-wheel-0.32.3-1
* idle35-3.5.6-1

* python36-3.6.8-1
* python36-devel-3.6.8-1
* python36-doc-3.6.8-1
* python36-pip-19.0.2-1
* python36-setuptools-40.7.3-1
* python36-test-3.6.8-1
* python36-tkinter-3.6.8-1
* python36-virtualenv-16.4.0-1
* python36-wheel-0.32.3-1
* idle36-3.6.8-1

* python37-3.7.2-1
* python37-devel-3.7.2-1
* python37-doc-3.7.2-1
* python37-pip-19.0.2-1
* python37-setuptools-40.7.3-1
* python37-test-3.7.2-1
* python37-tkinter-3.7.2-1
* python37-virtualenv-16.4.0-1
* python37-wheel-0.32.3-1
* idle37-3.7.2-1

* python-pip-wheel-19.0.2-1
* python-setuptools-wheel-40.7.3-1
* python-wheel-wheel-0.32.3-1

Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming
language. It incorporates modules, exceptions, dynamic typing, very
high level dynamic data types, and classes. Python combines remarkable
power with very clear syntax. It has interfaces to many system calls
and libraries, as well as to various window systems, and is extensible
in C or C++. It is also usable as an extension language for
applications that need a programmable interface.

These releases represent an overhaul of Python packaging, with the goal
of supporting multiple concurrent minor versions:

* 'python2' and 'python3' are now meta-packages pointing to the default
minor versions for each, which for now remain 2.7 and 3.6,

* Each currently supported minor version is now available as python27,
python35, python36, and python37, and are installable in parallel.

* The setuptools, wheel, and pip module packages have been updated and
are available for each minor version, along with wheel packages of each
containing the .whl file for offline installation in virtual

* To simplify bootstrapping of new versions and to accelerate delivery
of updates, the pip packages use their bundled vendored dependencies.

* virtualenv has been added for each minor version.  It is patched to
work properly on Cygwin, and also to use the aforementioned offline
wheel packages.

* The updated packaging scheme requires cygport 0.32.0.

* It is *not* expected that maintainers build all their modules for
3.5; that version was added for the benefit of module developers
wishing to test compatibility therewith, for which the provided
setuptools/wheel/pip/virtualenv should suffice.

* Packagers may begin building their extensions for 3.7 (in addition to
3.6) now by setting PYTHON_WHEEL_VERSIONS=future, but should only do so
for modules with no module dependencies outside of the standard
library, or on those which have already been similarly rebuilt.  A full
rebuild for 3.7 will come at a later date, yet to be determined.


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