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Re: antrun versus wsl versus cygwin

Am 17.02.2019 um 12:11 schrieb Franz Fehringer:
Hi all (half off topic),

I have installed (on a Windows 10 1809 system) both Cygwin and WSL (only
the Windows component, no real Linux distribution yet).
This scenario gives me a strange problem with antrun: With <exec
executable="bash"> i always get the WSL bash instead of the Cygwin one,
although Cygwin is first in PATH (both Cygwin PATH and Windows PATH),
even so if C:/Windows/System32 (location of WSL bash) is not in the
(Cygwin) PATH at all.
I made some tries with extra parameters like seachpath to no avail.
It (naturally) works if i give the full absolute path to the Cyhwin
bash, but this is awkward.
Any hints about reason and solution?
No, just about some diagnostics (maybe your application does not see the extended PATH?): on a Windows cmd line, say `where bash` to see if it's really available...

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