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antrun versus wsl versus cygwin

Hi all (half off topic),

I have installed (on a Windows 10 1809 system) both Cygwin and WSL (only
the Windows component, no real Linux distribution yet).
This scenario gives me a strange problem with antrun: With <exec
executable="bash"> i always get the WSL bash instead of the Cygwin one,
although Cygwin is first in PATH (both Cygwin PATH and Windows PATH),
even so if C:/Windows/System32 (location of WSL bash) is not in the
(Cygwin) PATH at all.
I made some tries with extra parameters like seachpath to no avail.
It (naturally) works if i give the full absolute path to the Cyhwin
bash, but this is awkward.
Any hints about reason and solution?

Thanks Franz

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