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Re: Get Cygwin home directory path for current user

On Fri, 15 Feb 2019 at 13:35, Andrey Repin <anrdaemon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Greetings, Bill Stewart!
> >> Setup your system to use %USERPROFILE% as $HOME and forget this problem
> >> altogether.
> >> For interoperability's sake! (q)
> > That won't work, because Cygwin $HOME can be different from the
> > USERPROFILE environment variable on Windows.
> Make. It. The. Same.
> Tell, don't ask.

I do not mix Windows and cygwin. I always use the CYGWIN_NOWINPATH=1
to isolate Windows from cygwin. I do not want to accidently run a
cygwin binary when I am using Windows, nor a Windows binary when using

For mixed operations, I use MINGW64. Look at what GitHub does with
their Github Desktop product. The MINGW64 package is included, and it
provides many of the same packages as cygwin, but they are build to
interoperate with the Windows environment, i.e. they recognize both
windows and unix format filenames, and transparently convert as

When I need to use unix utilities from the windows environment, I
configure the MINGW64 binary paths at the start of the PATH variable.
It is just too much work to make cygwin binaries work in isolation.

In my option, the cygwin and Windows home directories should always be
different locations. However, the MINGW64 and the Windows directories
can be the same location.


Doug Henderson, Calgary, Alberta, Canada - from gmail.com

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